Friday, January 6, 2012

Being Present
Impermanence and Uncertainty


Impermanence is here to stay and the advent of 2012 adds an even greater uncertainty to the future which all of us are facing. The upcoming challenges of this new year (global warming, political unrest and economic instability), coupled with our own personal daily issues may seem to be overwhelming.

Being present means relating to what happens in our lives with a sense of heightened awareness and an open heart, accepting and embracing the teachings along the path.
Lama Lena Yeshe Kaytup has spent almost 40 years of dharma study and practice under the tutelage of Venerable Wangdor Rinpoche. This includes 7 years of retreat in a small cave above Tso Pema – home of the Holy Caves of Guru Padmasambhava. As a westerner Lama Kaytup is particularly familiar with our styles of dramas and upsets. She is extremely articulate and clear in her presentation of Dharma Teachings, especially of the Direct Mind Perception Meditation. This mini-two-day-evening seminar offers a rare and valuable opportunity to be with her, and given her busy schedule, it would be best if practitioners make the extra effort to be there for both days. That is because she travels extensively and, having studied Chinese Medicine, she also spends much of her time providing medical assistance to Tibetan refugees and local Indian villages and mountain tribe peoples in North India.

Teachings are open to everyone. In Lama Lena's tradition, there is never a charge for teachings, while an offering is made directly to the teacher at the end of the teaching.

The Shambhala Center would appreciate a donation of $30 for the two days to help cover expenses.Please, if possible, let us know if you are coming. Contact Michael @ 831-316-8282.

Dates and Time:
January 2012

Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th

7:00 to 9:00 pm

920 41st ave, Santa Cruz behind the Family Cycling Center

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