Friday, August 8, 2014

Qigong Class

New Wu Style Qigong Class

brought to the West by B.K. Frantzis, a Chi Gung master of over fifty years,

taught by Judy Pruzinsky, L. Ac., licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.

Since 1990, she has been studying with and certified to teach from several Chi Gung teachers including BK Frantzis, Mantak Chia, Gilles Marin, & Jerry Allan Johnson.

Qigong, also known as Chi Gung!qi (chee) = energy /life force gong = work/skillful practice

In this course we will explore some of qigong’s fundamental building blocks:

Qigong Standing includes proper body alignment to allow qi to flow freely, and to open to internal qigong.

Dissolving helps the practitioner to dissolve energy blocks. Blockages result in pain, disease, and mental instability.

Cloud Hands is an exercise that helps to connect the energy of the whole body to your spine, making for one integrated energetic body.

Swings maximize circulation of qi and body fluids, such as lymph and blood.

Wednesdays through November 19,  6:45 - 7:45 PM

920 41st Street, Santa Cruz
(enter through the rear parking lot)
                            Sliding scale $60-$100 if paid by 8/22,
$85-$125 thereafter
Class size is limited.
For registration & information:

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